In College Again…

In College Again


I love learning. I love school. I know it’s crazy, but true. I’ve always enjoyed the learning aspect of school. I would bring home books just to look ahead. During middle school, I would only finish part of an assignment so I could take the rest home and finish it for homework.

So it didn’t surprise my family when I was looking at colleges during freshmen year. They only had one question: Where are you going to go? They knew I wanted to further my education. They also knew I loved music and writing so I was going to be majoring in something along those lines. They just didn’t know how far away or how close I was going.

I’ll admit, I had my heart set on Ithaca College in New York, but then 911 happened, and I didn’t want to go so far off. I then saw a brochure for Troy State University, and I fell in love with the campus. In a matter of weeks, my decision was made. Troy was close to home, but not so close that I wouldn’t have my freedom to grow up, and it housed The Sound of The South Marching Band. As soon as I got accepted, I couldn’t wait to start.

Those were the best four years of all my academic life. I graduated with honors and went on to become a band director/music teacher for six years. I enjoyed teaching, but I really missed my writing roots.

Storytelling was in my blood, and I had to figure out a way to make that dream a reality, so I made a huge decision and went to get an MFA in Creative Writing. It took me a year to go through the course load, and I learned so much about the craft of storytelling. I graduated from Full Sail University and went on to publish my first novel.

It has been a learning experience ever since.

I had gone back to teaching because I was scared to put all of my eggs in one basket, but I wasn’t happy where I was. Things started happening to push me out of the teaching field, and I discovered another passion I have. I really like learning about ways to market books and authors. I’ve been devouring books on marketing as I try and figure out the right method for my books, and it dawned on me that I could help other Indie authors if I went back to school and got and MBA in marketing.

So, back in December, I took a huge leap of blind faith and quit my daytime job to pursue a career in marketing. I’m about to finish my first course with Liberty University, and I love it. I think I love the fact that I can use this degree to further my own writing career and help others more than going back to school.

So at the age of 34, I am in classes again. I’m here to tell you it’s never too late to follow your passion. Find where God wants you and GO!

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