Book In Review James Scott Bell’s Plot and Structure

In December I was told that I should check out some writing craft books to improve my writing. My plot in one of my WIP’s needs some TLC, but I couldn’t figure out where I had gone wrong, so I went in search of a book to help me decipher my problem.

I remembered seeing James Scott Bell at a writing conference a few years back, and so I started with his books. Low and behold I found his book on Plot and Structure (enter a choir of angels singing at the top of their lungs). I began reading about his take on Plot and structure, and I tried applying it to my WIP.

My lead character didn’t have a real objective. That could definitely cause some problems with plot. I mean she had a purpose, and her emotional plot was on track, but I needed that driving force to really push her story into motion. This book has helped me out.

Sure, there were chapters that went over what I had already learned, but it never hurts to hear those lovely lessons again. I even went through the exercise to help me learn the LOCK system.

As a writer, books on our craft are as important as the laptop we type on. Both help us further our dreams of becoming successful authors. Just like you take your laptop into the shop when it’s messing up, you need to grab a book on craft when you’re having a craft problem in your writing. Never think you’re too experienced to learn something.

James Scott Bell’s book on Plot and Structure is a must have for any writer’s bookshelf. It will help you work out the kinks in your writing, or perhaps help you learn something about plot and structure that you need for your next project.

I feel that plot and structure are so important for writing that I am dedicating this month’s blogs to the topic. Next week we’ll learn the importance of Plot and Structure in our writing, and why we can’t just wing it and hope for the best.