Book Review Friday! Deadlock by DiAnn Mills

Book Review Friday! Deadlock by DiAnn Mills

Deadlock is a Romantic Suspense novel by DiAnn Mills. I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Mills at the Blue Ridge Christian Writer’s Conference last year, and I finally had the chance to read her book that I bought at the conference.

F.B.I. Special Agent Bethany Sanchez has moved into violent crimes. She’s partnered with the man who arrested her brother. When a serial killer known as Scorpion begins to terrorize Houston, Bethany must put her personal differences aside to work the case. She’s a by the books kind of girl, and he’s more of an outside of the box thinker.

Special Agent Thatcher Graves made a decision to follow Christ, but he’s still learning the ropes to his new life when Bethany Sanchez enters his world. They could not be more different in their investigative styles, but to catch a killer, they must learn to work together.

Will they be able to meld as team, or will their differences cost innocent people their lives?

This is a fast-paced read. I found myself thinking about it so often, that I stayed up at nights just to get a little further along. I kept trying to figure out who the killer was, but Ms. Mills kept me in the dark until the very end.

I do think that there could have been a little more in the romance department. Not that they need to hold hands and walk into the sunset together, but their romance felt forced at times, and the ending totally caught me off guard (DON’T WANT TO GIVE AWAY SPOILERS) with the progression of the romance throughout the novel.

I enjoyed reading Deadlock, and I recommend it with four stars!