Book Review Friday! Just One Kiss by Wendy Davy

Book Review Friday

Just One Kiss: Pure Amore: Sweet Romance, Pure Enjoyment by Wendy Davy


Just One Kiss is a sweet story about young love that didn’t really have a chance to blossom getting a second chance. I’m sure when we all think back on a high school crush or even ex, we have fond memories. Sometimes we have regrets on not acting on those feelings with that person, but how often do you get a second chance to fall in love?

Molly Parker is known around Grandbury for kissing Dustin McKinley after graduation. It didn’t help that he left town the very next day with only a note to explain himself. When Dustin comes back into to town to settle his grandmother’s estate, Molly vows not to rekindle those old feelings she had for the football start of Grandbury High. She holds tight to the fact that he’s trying to evict her from her home and place of business to ensure she keeps her head out of the clouds.

Dustin McKinley made it big in New York, but is he really happy with his choices? His one big regret was leaving Molly after their kiss, but sure she’s moved on by now? Dustin isn’t prepared for coming face-to-face with Molly after all those years, but he has a life outside of Grandbury, and that doesn’t include Molly Parker as his girlfriend.

But, love has a way of finding two people even when they aren’t prepared.

This was light and wonderful read. I enjoyed the characters and the town of Grandbury itself. Enjoyable from beginning o end.

I give it five stars!