Book Review Friday! Two for One Special

Book Review Friday!

Since my autopost decided not to . . . well autopost, I’m giving you two book reviews today!

A Pocketful of Wishes by Mary Manners

A Pocketful of Wishes by Mary Manners is a sweet novella about childhood love finding its place in an adult world.

Jenna Palmer’s best kiss happened when she was just an adolescent. Carter Stevens, her next door neighbor, kissed her right before she moved across the country with her family, but they vowed to find each other again.

Years later, Jenna moves back to her childhood town as a pediatrics surgeon, and when an accident involves a child, Jenna finds herself face-to-face with Carter once more.

Carter never gave up on Jenna, he held hope that she would come back to him, so when he stops her for speeding, his heart soars, but Jenna has something against cops that goes much deeper than just her father’s profession. Will their love prevail obstacles, or will fears and doubts tear their childhood love apart?

I enjoyed reading Jenna and Carter’s story. It made my heart soar to have childlike faith brought back into a story. I loved how their lives separated and then came back together in beautiful twists and turns.

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A Pocket Full of Wishes

Great story! I give it five stars!

Sweet Delights by Cecelia Dowdy

Sweet Delights is a lighthearted novella by Cecelia Dowdy.

Patty-Lynn is a great baker, her Banana Cream Pie has won international awards, but it’s still not enough for her to buy her dream house. The one that holds all the happy memories before tragedy stole her childhood. Things get worse when her ex-boyfriend Sam Richardson bursts into town, Patty-Lynn must face a past hurt that threatens everything she’s worked so hard for.

Sam Richardson comes from a wealthy family. His family cost him his relationship with Patty-Lynn because she was poor and white. That regret has been on his shoulders for years, so when he sees Patty-Lynn again, old feelings return. Will he choose his family over Patty-Lynn again, or will he stand up for her?

I like how Cecelia turns the race card on its head in this story. I feel the heartache for both characters and enjoyed reading how they came together in the end.

If you’re looking for a light read that will make your mouth water for Banana Cream pie, pick up Sweet Delights!

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Sweet Delights

I give it four stars!