Book Review! Launch to Market by Chris Fox

Launch to Market by Chris Fox

This whole month has centered on marketing your brand and eventually your book. I thought a great way to wrap up the theme would be a book review on one of my favorite authors Chris Fox. I love his simple way of getting straight to the meat of his books. I don’t have to sift through a bunch of backstory on how he came to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, that’s nice in some instances, but for the most part, I am a reader who wants to get to the heart of the story as quickly as possible. That being said, Launch to Market kept true to Mr. Fox’s writing style.

Launch to Market hit on the main points of having a successful book launch and how to continue building your audience for your next book and the book after that. He goes into detail about what’s worked for him.

One of the main points was to create a slow curve of sales. Instead of having a huge spike on release day and then slowing down from there, he suggests having a slower spike that continues to increase over a period of time before tapering off. This helps your rank on Amazon and increases your visibility for potential readers.

I won’t go into great detail about this book and give it all away, but I will say that I’ll be using these strategies on my next book release.

If you’re struggling to sell books and build your email list, I can say with all confidence that you should get this book and apply the strategies to your writing career.

I give it Five Stars!


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