Keeping Up With An ADD Conversation

Keeping Up with an ADD Conversation

I love my mother. She’s my best friend, and she keeps me sane when all I want to do is have a nervous breakdown, but let’s face it, she is not the best person to try and have a conversation with . . . that is unless you want to have eight mini conversations, a game of charades, and being left with an open end to the story. Just to give you an idea of what I’m taking about, the other day I was going to town with my mom. We were talking about the stuff we needed to get at the store when out of the blue.


Mom: Look at that car. They have their windows down.

Me: Maybe they’re hot? (I continue driving, not really paying attention to the car because I’m used to my mother’s conversation skills by now)

Fast forward to on our way home. I’m driving.

Mom: They have a flat.

Me: They do? (I’m looking at this truck passing me thinking that’s what she’s taking about)

Mom: They have a jack under the tire.

Me: (Totally confused) Are you sure? (I’m thinking my mom has completely gone crazy by now)

Mom: Yeah, that’s why they have their windows down.

Me: The truck? I point to the guy passing us.

Mom: No. The car.

Me: (Looking around) what car?

Mom: The one with the windows down. When we were umm . . . you know in the car . . .(she mimes driving).

Me: (shaking my head) Oh.

My mom then bursts out laughing. “How could that truck be travelling down the road without a tire and on a jack?”

Me: (Staring at my mother)

Mom: You’re so special, sweetie.

Me: (At this point I’m not sure who needs the straight jacket more . . . me or my mother.)

Have a great day!