Print On Demand

If you are new to the publishing world like I am, you probably had to look up POD to find it’s meaning. I know when I first heard it, I was totally lost, and even after finding out it meant Print On Demand, I still had no idea what was going on. So I do what I do when I’m confused…I research.

Print on Demand is a company that only prints a paperback book when one is ordered. So instead of having to print off hundreds or thousands of books yourself to sell, you can publish print books through a POD site like Createspace.

Okay, well now I know what Print on Demand is, but why would I need it? I’m just selling eBooks.

There are a couple of benefits from having a POD site.

You will have readers that want an autographed copy. Sure most of those readers will be family and friends, but they help spread the word.
Your local library may offer to carry a copy of your book. (I’m still looking into this idea with my library.)
When you attend author conferences, some will allow you to have a booth and sell your books. (Great way to market your book and make connections.)
There are still readers out there that will want a book to read in their hands instead of an eBook.
Print on Demand Sites

Lulu publishing


Next week we’ll discuss how to publish a printed book.