Writing Tips: Finding Local Author Events


Finding Local Author Events

For Indie authors, finding local events where they can sell their books may seem like a daunting task … especially when you live in a town with one stoplight. I mean, what can I possibly do with that?

It’s time to expand my horizons. I may live in a tiny town, but there are larger towns that surround me. But how do I find events?

Find libraries in the larger towns and look at their event boards. Maybe they have a writing group that meets once a month. In the authoring world it’s all about the connections you make. The library may even host local author book signings. That’s actually what sparked this blog post. A friend in one of my writing groups mentioned an event at the Huntsville Public Library (it’s about a 30 minute drive from my house). We attended the event, and I saw an opportunity for my books. I decided then that if there was one event … I could definitely find more.

The other way you can find local author events is with a web search. Now this takes patience because you’ll have to play around with the wording and search through sites that may or may not be what you’re looking for. In Huntsville, they have an event center. Through one of my many searches, I found The Southern Author Expo event. They have over 80 authors attending. I contacted the administrator, and the cost to rent a table is decent. Through the web, you can find local writing conferences where you can sell your books as well. The possibilities are endless.

If you can’t find a local event that meets your needs, why not create it?

Get with that group of writers you meet with and create your own event. Find a venue, and let the world know you’re out there and writing amazing stories that they need to read.

One thing I have learned about marketing through this month’s research is that it’s all about visibility. People are not going to buy your product if they have no idea it exists. First you have to create a stellar product, but then you have to let people know it’s out there!

Next week we’ll wrap up our marketing discussion with my review of Chris Fox’s Launch to Market.

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  1. “First you have to create a stellar product, but then you have to let people know it’s out there!”

    And be Tenacious! My word of the month! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Janie…Great information!

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