Book Review!


Book Signings and Events for the Lesser Known Author by Sherrie Giddens

I met Sherrie Giddens on Facebook through the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference page. We are both attending the conference, and so we started talking about what we write and what we hope to accomplice at conference.

Sherrie told me about her book Book Signings and Events for the Lesser Known Author. It sounded interesting, and fit me perfectly. I am a lesser known or hardly known author that could use all the help I can get when it comes to marketing my book and selling copies. I told her I would check it out and do a review, so here it is.

This book is great for those of us wondering how to secure those coveted book signings we read about on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll admit, I had no idea how to get started with it.

Sherrie gives the facts without the fluff of tooting her own horn. I checked out her other books to see if her reviews benefited from the book signings, and the book that she used as an example for her book signings had about 20 reviews. Well, if that was any indication, then I could definitely benefit from her method to get the word out on her books.

She targets small libraries and bookstores that offer book signings. Her method is to target those businesses that will benefit from her book signings. For example larger libraries need well-known names to get their patrons excited and invested in attending the event. Smaller libraries have room to host a lesser known author. She explains it better than I can.

Sherrie goes through the steps from start to finish on how to search for and approach businesses as well as how to act at the event itself.

If you’re still stuck on how to get your book into reader’s hands, I recommend giving this book a read.