Imagination @ Work: Thoughts on Creativity and Writing by Alton Gansky

 Imagination @ Work: Thoughts on Creativity and Writing

by Alton Gansky

Every now and again it’s good for a writer to read a book on creativity. I’ve heard Mr. Gansky talk before, and I loved the way he intertwined comedy along with solid information, so when this book became available, I snatched it up.

As writers, we’ve all heard the question, “Where do you come up with ideas for your books?” That’s not an easy question to answer. The way Mr. Gansky answers it throughout the essays in this book is priceless.

Creativity comes at all hours and at any moment of the day. We can’t stop it, and we can’t make it happen. I found the wisdom in this book to really speak to me. I could see much of myself in Mr. Gansky’s stories.

I have to say that reading this book refreshed my own creative juices. Just learning how another person’s brain works, and that I’m not so crazy in my own world of thinking really opened up my imagination for even more story ideas.

I find ideas from watching Netflix, reading social media news clippings, driving in a car, or just sitting and thinking. What would I do if that well ever dried up? Thankfully, I don’t believe I’ll ever have to worry about this. I have ideas come to me on a daily basis. Do all of my ideas pan out into an awesome story that I just want everyone to read? Of course not, and that’s okay. This book teaches us that all ideas are good, but some will never make it to the written word. It’s up to us to sift through the dirt to find the pieces of gold.

If you’re a writer, painter, singer, or are involved with anything on the creative side, I recommend this book to you. It’s a quick read that will keep you turning the pages. You may even find yourself laughing out loud or coming up with more creative ideas as you journey through Mr. Gansky’s writer mind.