Author Interview: Judy Herrig

Author Interview With Judy Herrig


I am honored to have Judy Herrig author of Christians Have Crisis? Understanding Crisis and the Aftermath for this week’s Author Interview.


What inspires your writing?

Judy: It simply amazed me when I realized one in four people experience a mental health crisis in their lifetime (with the opioid crisis, I believe those numbers will increase immensely). That means most every person we know will have either experienced or at least loved someone experiencing a mental health crisis. And believe it or not, Christians are not exempt from crisis.

When going through a crisis, you cannot help but ask yourself “Why me?” As a Christian, you will likely choose to go to your church for guidance and are hurt by well-meaning Christians because they are do not understand what you are experiencing.

I hope to educate what family, friends, church leaders and counselors may not understand about crisis and underlying issues. In my book, I share personal experience and understanding of the topics as well as what the bible reflects about each topic. Although this book is geared towards Christians, it is directed as a teaching tool appropriate for anyone.

It is my prayer that my book will help those who are experiencing the pain and uncertainty in life’s journey. It is intended to shed light on those who are in managerial, pastoral or caregiver positions to gain understanding of what a person in a mental health crisis or personal crisis may be experiencing.

I love that your book deals with the aftermath of crisis and understanding it. I think too often Christians explain everything away with platitudes instead of truly trying to find meaning from the storm they weathered. What is something you have taken away from a crisis?

Judy: Mental illness and abuse pushed my childhood through a maze no child should ever live through. But I made a choice to work through it. I made a lot of mistakes raising my own children but it was with every bit of my heart to break the chains of abuse.

While our daughters were strong-willed teens, my husband and I were blessed with a Bible Study leader that taught us the importance of the family tier (God, spouse, then children). He showed us the power of that tier and our marriage survived crisis after crisis!

What is your favorite writing snack?

Judy: Coffee and chocolate – hands down!!!

What is the most important piece of advice you could give a new author?

Judy: Constantly pray for direction. Daily.

When God pokes you, look for what he wants you to understand. If He gives you a word or a scripture verse, look it up to see where he wants you to go with it. He communicates all the time. Just expect it!

Remember when you are doing His work, it is in His time.


More about Judy’s Book: 

Book Title: Christians Have Crisis?

Understanding Crisis and the Aftermath

ISBN# 978-1-64114-461-2 paperback

978-1-64114-462-9 digital


About the Author:

Judy’s interest in teaching Christians about crisis survival and mental illness is derived from her own experience as a Christian and a student of life. It is her personal goal to create a supportive, loving environment for couples and families.

Her passion for teaching crisis survival and mental illness will encourage motivation, problem solving and healing by seeking God through prayer and biblical knowledge.

She teaches from her heart with practical experience and variations of the King James Bible for biblical principles. She uses her formal education to research facts and findings and other educational purposes for validation.

Judy Herrig has worked in the human service field for nearly 30 years. She holds an Associates Degree in Gerontology, a Bachelors Degree of Psychology and Development and a Masters of Education. She has written several trainings and policy manuals for human services, writes curriculum, and taught adult classes for Nashville’s Community Education and two annual TN DD MegaConferences.


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