Author Interview: Rebecca Gertner Morgan!

Author Interview: Rebecca Gertner Morgan

Today we welcome Rebecca Gertner Morgan, author of The Strength To Stand Series. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today, Rebecca.


I am a huge supporter of Indie authors. I love the freedom that comes with producing my own books, but it’s not the path I intended to take. Certain choices brought me here. What made you decide to be an Indie author?

Rebecca: Like you, I love the freedom. I’ve been able to do so many creative things with my books; like using them as fundraisers for charities that resonate with my convictions. Since the topics in my series center around hot topics like stalking, violence toward women and children and the heartbreak of sex trafficking, it only seems natural to have partnered with organizations that fight these horrific actions. I wrote my books to entertain and tell a compelling story about overcoming life’s hardships, but to also bring awareness.


What four words best describe you?

Rebecca: Overcomer, laughter, determined, creative.


If you could talk to any author alive or in Heaven, whom would you chat with?

Rebecca: C.S. Lewis, hands down!


How would you define pure love?

Rebecca: Radically different from what one sees from Hollywood. Love is patient and kind, it’s selfless and without conditions. Yet, it pushes for the best and will bring out the biggest potential in a person. Love is willing set healthy boundaries because the motives are good and worth the end result.


More about Rebecca Gertner Morgan

Award winning author, public speaker and radio personality, Rebecca Morgan, inspires others to remain joyful regardless of circumstances. Rebecca is the founder of Choose Joy, a nonprofit which brings awareness to the issue of violence towards women and helps families in need.

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More about The Strength To Stand Series

Xulon Press First Place Award for Christian Fiction, 2014

What happens when obtaining the dreams of one person means the death of another person’s dreams?

Rachel Riley is a strong woman. She’s a woman who knows what she wants from life. She’s beautiful, independent and successful.

Frank Smith is a strong man. He’s a man who knows what he wants from life. But he doesn’t know how to get it. And after many failures, he’s convinced that fulfillment is just around the corner.

In this gut wrenching drama of clashing desires, Rachel Riley faces her worst fears while Frank Smith deals with his own demons that are dragging him down. As they both fight for what they want, they will have to turn to something stronger than themselves to help them live their dream life. With a refreshing mix of humor and drama, this book will have your heart pounding in fear and your mouth shouting in anger, all while laughing at the unique personalities of the people captured on the page. But most of all, it will inspire you to find the strength to live the life you want. But choose wisely…what gives you strength now may be your undoing later.

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