Author Interview! Tearra Rhodes



Author Interview with Tearra Rhodes


I am so excited to interview Tearra Rhodes author of He Said His Name Was Micah.


How long have you been writing?

Tearra:  I have been writing ever since I was in elementary school. I loved to pore over magazines and make up stories and short plays about people I found interesting in them. I still have some of the stories and magazine cut outs.


Who are your favorite authors?

 Tearra: I read a little bit of everything. I really enjoy Walter Dean Myers, Maya Angelou,
Karen Kingsbury, Rachel Hauck, and Jane Austen. They all tell such beautiful stories in their own way. They each have a distinctive voice.


What’s your writing schedule like?

Tearra: Well, I work in the insurance industry as a licensed insurance agent. I work Monday through Thursday 11:15-10pm, so my writing schedule is pretty haphazard. I write mainly in the very early mornings or on the weekends. Sometimes I carve out a whole Friday, Saturday, or after church on Sunday and go to Panera to write. I love the quiet energy there. I need to find a better routine, but I can only write when the proverbial juices are flowing. And they don’t flow on a schedule.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share.


More about Tearra

Tearra Rhodes began her interest in creative writing in elementary school and has continued to pursue her passion for fiction and authorship, winning awards and affirmations along the way.

Tearra’s faith is essential and guides her to create what she calls “faith based fiction with flair.”
When she’s not reading or writing fiction in all forms, Tearra attends church, eats out, and shops (maybe too much of the latter).

She has worked in some form of customer service all her working life and is currently in the insurance field.

Tearra was born, raised, and currently resides in Buffalo, NY, where she has boxes and boxes of unfinished stories and plays. Her next project will be pulling out one of those boxes and dusting off a potential masterpiece.



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More about He Said His Name Was Micah


A Good Deed Leads To Danger.

A recent broken engagement leaves Ava Howard in a rut, looking for meaning and purpose in her life. Enter a stranger with a ready grin, who says that his name is Micah and claims to have known Ava’s ex back in high school.

Micah is currently “in between” jobs, and Ava feels led to offer him work doing odd jobs around her home. Little does she know that her simple act of kindness will challenge her faith, threaten the lives of the people she loves, and have her running for her life.

Ava hopes that somehow she will be saved. In the end, she may be forced to make a devastating choice in order to survive.

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