Author Interview with Amy

Author Interview: Amy McGuire

Today we welcome Amy McGuire, author of The Hope Valley Saga. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today, Amy.


I am a huge supporter of Indie authors. I love the freedom that comes with producing my own books, but it’s not the path I intended to take. Certain choices brought me here. What made you decide to be an Indie author?

Amy: That’s an excellent question. I became an Indie author for a few reasons. First, I had tried to get published through traditional houses for awhile and received a lot of rejections from agents. I considered going from there to just writing for myself. I stumbled across a blog entitled How to Write, Edit and Sell your Ebook – All for Free! By Jason Matthews who wrote a book of the same name. I got talking to him through his group Facebook page and he encouraged me to try self-publishing. So, after a few years of extensive editing, I finally published my first novel, The Heart’s Discovery, through CreateSpace, Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Smashwords (a company that allows authors to publish their works in multiple formats so that the reader can have access to the book without having to own a Kindle or order the hard copy. I have considered trying again to become traditionally published in recent years, but now that I work full time, I am content to stay with the Indie route, as it is much more flexible than a traditional house with necessary deadlines.


What four words best describe you?

 Amy: Loyal, caring, creative, stubborn.


If you could talk to any author alive or in Heaven, whom would you chat with?

Amy: That’s a tough one. I like so many authors, both Christian and secular. I guess if I had to choose, I would most likely want to talk to Lucy Maud Montgomery. Her Anne series inspired me when I was younger and I still enjoy her stories that have been turned into movies and shows, today. It also helps that I now have an inquisitive red-haired daughter of my own.


How would you define pure love?

Amy: Pure love is unselfish. It’s sacrificial and doesn’t expect anything in return. It’s a love that sees the best in people while encouraging them to live up to their God given potential. Pure love is all about building up the other person and seeing that they grow to who they were meant to be, even if they never the giver of the love back. It can be lonely but fulfilling at the same time. I guess pure love is pretty complicated when you think of it.


More about Amy McGuire

Amy is the third child of Missionary parents. She was born in British Columbia and raised in Africa then later Ontario. She has a great love of sweet romances, is happiest outdoors surrounded by nature and enjoys feel good music and books. Her favourite thing to do on a sunny summer afternoon (when she isn’t working at her full time job of managing a dental office) is chill out by the pool with a good novel. Amy lives in Toronto and has been married to her sweetheart for almost 14 years. They have a nine-year-old daughter, two sweet but spoiled gerbils and a huge tank full of African Ciclids. She is the author of The Heart’s Discovery, Worlds Apart, Dreams Come True and A Tiny Drop of Sunlight; A Poetry Compilation. The fourth novel in the Hope Valley Saga, Love’s Point of View is coming out soon.

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More about The Hope Valley Saga

The Hope Valley Saga is the story of teenagers Anjaline Rodriguez, Gabriel Walker and their friends and family as they navigate coming of age in the remote village of Hope Valley, British Columbia. The books roam through Toronto, Ontario as well as Quito, Ecuador, but are based mostly in British Columbia. The best way to explain what the stories are about is to quote the backs of each book as follows:


The Heart’s Discovery


In her opinion he’s a judgmental snob who thinks he knows everything. In his opinion she’s beautiful, yet spoiled. Can they set aside their preconceptions and take a chance on love? Or will they be forever separated when a tragic accident claims the life of someone close to them both?

Anjaline Rodriguez plans to live forever in her hometown of Quito, attend the prestigious Cotopaxi Academy and become a world-famous journalist. Then her stepfather’s job as an anthropologist takes her away from all she knows and loves. When she arrives in Hope Valley she is immediately attracted to the shy mountain boy with fathomless eyes. Does her new home hold promise after all?

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Worlds Apart

You never forget your first love. Even if it hurts your chance at a second love.

In Ontario, Anjaline realizes her dream of becoming a journalist for one of Toronto’s leading newspapers. In Hope Valley, Gabriel apprentices to become a skilled carpenter. Together they were two kids in love. Apart they have a chance to grow into the people they were meant to be.

If part of that growth means taking a chance on new love, will they embrace it? Or will they cling to what they once had and miss out on what the future has to offer? And if they do take a second chance on love, does that mean they will never see each other again? Maybe there is something better in store for them both.

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Dreams Come True

Nearly six years ago, Anjaline promised Gabriel that she would make it back to Hope Valley, no matter how long it took. Will keeping her promise mean a second chance for them, or just more heartache?

A month after ending her engagement to Tom Sawyer, Anjaline (now Charity Sutherland) is given an assignment which leads her back to Hope Valley. Over the past six years she has grown into a shadow of her former self – a reporter willing to set aside her dreams to protect her heart. Her dreams of a happily ever after with Gabriel Walker and maybe returning to Quito someday, seem completely out of reach. Then she returns to Hope Valley and begins to wonder if it’s not loo late for at least one of those dreams to come true.

Gabriel Walker has almost convinced himself he is over Anjaline Rodriguez. Then he finds her on the bridge where they first met and realizes he is move in love with her now than he was when they were younger. The trouble is, Gabe thinks Anjaline is still engaged and therefore, off limits. With his happily ever after just within reach, is he willing to fight to win back the only girl he’s ever truly loved? Is he willing to accept the woman she has become? Does Charity have the courage to say yes to a future with Gabriel and give up her dreams of being a famous reporter? Or will it only be a short-lived summer romance?

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Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog, Janie! It was such an honor to be here.