Author Interview with Cassondra Beers

Author Interview with Cassondra Beers


I am so excited to have Cassondra Beers author of Remembrance: The Poetry of Zadokim on my first ever author interview.

How long have you been writing?

Cassondra: I feel like I’ve been writing all of my life. I used to write short stories when I was in elementary school, but I began seriously writing poetry in 2011. I have also been working on some parables and other types of writing since then.

I enjoy reading poetry, but I have never been able to write anything other than the whole Roses are red … what inspired you to write poetry?

Cassondra: I actually didn’t enjoy poetry very much when I was younger. I was always more interested in fiction, good stories with plots and amazing characters. I never set out to write poetry. Holy Spirit really put that on my heart. In fact, in many ways I don’t write the poems at all. He just gives them to me and I write them down for Him. They show up in my head one line at a time, and the next line happens to rhyme with the first one. Often, He will use poetry to tell me something about Himself or myself. Sometimes, I will sit down with Him to write a poem so that I can process some things that are happening to me. I write frequently during worship.

Who are your favorite authors?

Cassondra: Oh, gosh! That’s a difficult question! I like so many different authors across different genres. I think my very favorite author is the man who introduced me to a little girl with great faith and a faun in a snowy woods: C. S. Lewis. J. R. R. Tolkien’s Silmarillion is also amazing for its description of the song of creation in the beginning. Ted Dekker’s Circle Series is fascinating. I like his different way of looking at things. Julie Klassen’s regency romance novels are always good for a pleasure read with well-developed characters. There are a few poems that have spoken to me over the years. Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” endeared his poetry to me early on, yet I cannot say I’ve sought out his work. I love “The Old Astronomer” by Sarah Williams. I could go on, but then I would probably just write an essay on the subject.

Out of all the poems in your book, which one was the most difficult to write and why?

Cassondra: Since I’m basically taking dictation from Holy Spirit, I can’t say there were any that were memorably difficult to write. Some poems might have a pause in the flow where I have to put the rhyme in or Holy Spirit gives me some different options on which way the poem will go, but somehow even the option I didn’t pick will fit seamlessly in later on. The poems always speak to me in the end, and I hope they also speak to others.

What’s your writing schedule like?

Cassondra: I write all the time! We have service twice a week and during our praise and worship sessions I usually write three poems on average. I also come early to listen to pre-worship practice and write another three poems. I write a poem any time I need to process something difficult or exciting that has happened in my life. I also write whenever Holy Spirit nudges me in that direction. I have written up to twenty poems in one week, but sometimes I only get in ten or twelve.


Thank you so much for stopping by Cassondra!

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Before all of time and space were created, there was Yahweh God, and there was you. He spoke you into being, framed you with His Word, and filled you with Himself – writing an entire Covenanted Promise together with you. This Promise is bigger than anything you’ve yet known, for Yahweh is infinite, and He has shown you what you are ready for in such a time as this. Yet, as you mature and grow, He calls you to Remember the Promise–who you are and what your expression of Him is to be. The Revelation of your Promise is up to Him, but you must remain open to receive that revelation. This is your Remembrance.


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Cassondra Beers is a living representation of Yahweh in the Earth. A wordsmith who is able to see Yahweh in language and has taken her place in her Promised Land, she shares what Yahweh shows her of Him with others. Cassondra resides in Northwest Arkansas where she spends 9 months out of the year teaching and has a spoiled Yorkie named Scrappy. She spends her time connecting with friends and engaging in stories in all forms, including music, movies, and books. Join Cassondra as she shares her poems and revelation on her blogs: My True Realities and Zadokim.

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