Author Interview With Leigh Powers!

Author Interview: Leigh Powers


Today we welcome Leigh Powers, author of Renewed: A 40-Day Devotional for Healing from Church Hurt and for Loving Well in Ministry. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today, Leigh.

In your title, you talk about Church Hurt. I know that I have been on the receiving end of it. What is the most important advice you can give to someone who’s been hurt by his or her church?

Leigh: I think the most important thing we can do is learn to look for God to healing. One of the things I talk about in the book is that often when we’re hurt, we look to the people who hurt us to come back and fix us. Somehow we think if they will just say they’re sorry, or if they will just pay their dues, or even if they somehow finally get what’s coming to them that it will fix our pain. But it doesn’t work like that. Jesus is our healer, and our wholeness doesn’t depend on other people. It depends on Jesus. Part of the process of forgiveness and healing is learning to say, “Jesus, what happened was wrong. It hurt. But I’m trusting you to deal with them, and I accept that you are enough for me. You are my healer—please come and heal my broken places.” Then as we learn to identify those hurts, hold them up to Christ, and hear what he has to say about our pain, we are able to move forward in the process of forgiveness and healing. That fundamental shift in perspective toward looking to Jesus to heal our hurts is at the heart of the book.


I have made a goal to read one book on writing a month. What book on craft can you not live without?

Leigh: My reference manuals are always on the corner of my desk, so I’ve got my trusty Chicago Manual of Style, Christian Writer’s Manual of Style, and Merriam Webster’s Dictionary close at hand. Beyond that, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is probably my favorite book about writing. I was actually thinking about that book this week as I was feeling overwhelmed and bogged down with a particular project and needed to remind myself to take it piece by piece—bird by bird. 


What’s your favorite breakfast food? 

Muffins! I love a good blueberry muffin—especially the kind with streusel topping.


Do you prefer the beach or the mountains for a vacation?

Leigh: Mountains, absolutely. I like the beach, but I’m not much of a sand person. Earlier this year I had the chance to attend Christian Communicators at Lake Tahoe, and the setting was just gorgeous. Every chance I got I went out to sit on a bench by the lake and just look at the mountains and trees across the water. Being outside like that is one of the things that restores my soul. And then I saw a wild bear for the first time, so that was an exciting adventure. (It was a ways off and not interested me at all, but for a city girl it’s not every day you wake up, walk outside, and see a bear.)

More About Leigh

Leigh Powers is passionate about helping women find hope and healing in God’s Word. A pastor’s wife and mother of three with fifteen years of full-time ministry experience, she is a freelance writer, Bible study and devotional author, and a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. She blogs regularly at and at You can usually find her with either a book or knitting needles in her hand—and sometimes both.

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More About Renewed

RENEWED is a devotional providing healing for those in ministry who have been hurt in the church.

Ministry is a privilege, but it can also be a painful experience. Unrealistic expectations, church conflict, forced resignations, and our own struggles with burnout, loneliness, and insecurity can make church feel more like a place of wounding than a place of healing. How can wounded leaders find the courage to reject bitterness and keep loving the church?
RENEWED is a forty-day devotional for women in ministry, ministry wives, and lay leaders who have been wounded by their congregations. You are not alone. God sees your pain. He knows your hurts. And he is waiting to bind up your broken heart. This forty-day journey into the healing love of Jesus will help you find the courage to stop hiding and start loving the church again.

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