Author Interview with Ruth Fox

Author Interview: Ruth Fox

Today we welcome Ruth Fox, author of The White Pavilion. Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us today, Ruth.


I love Fantasy books. They open up a whole new world of possibilities. What inspired you to write Fantasy?

Ruth: So many things! When I was a kid, I spent hours locked in the realms of imagination. I discovered reading at a young age, thanks to my parents, who are accomplished bibliophiles. Mum read my brother and I books like The Magic Far Away Tree and The Hobbit, and my love of fantasy started there, but I wasn’t really aware of it until I was about twelve, when I first read The Lord of the Rings.

From then on, I was always looking in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of our local bookshop to find something else that compared. I discovered The View From the Mirror series, by Ian Irvine, when I was fourteen. I picked it up off the shelf mainly because the first volume was one of the thicker books I could find. Thick books are far better value for money than thinner books, as any reader will know! Having to buy another book because you’ve finished the one you just bought in one sitting can end up being really expensive! Anyway, I read that series over the summer holidays and decided then and there that I was going to write fantasy. I wanted to create worlds as rich, and characters as vibrant, as I found on those pages.

I had one teacher at high school who was very encouraging, and I should also mention her as an inspiration. After reading one of my stories, she told me she wouldn’t be surprised if I was a published author someday. I wasn’t convinced! Though I loved it, I couldn’t see how I’d ever accomplish such a lofty goal.

Fast-forward a few years and I ended up doing a Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing. The course really fed my desire to write, and I came away from it much better equipped to tackle the world of publishing. The people I met through doing the course included playwrights, screenwriters, freelancers and novelists, and they also inspired me.


What are some of the challenges you faced getting your first novel published?

Ruth: It was incredibly hard. Major publishers, and even some smaller publishers, all want previously-published authors. I had – and still have – an inbox folder stuffed full of rejections. Seriously, hundreds of them!

It’s hard to keep writing under those circumstances, and even harder to keep submitting work. I gave up on the whole thing at least once a week for about five years! I cried, I fell into despairing moods, I threw things at the wall (including my phone, once. Not my smartest moment.) But then I’d sit down to write and realise all over again that this is what I wanted to do, and that it was all I wanted to do.

You always hear that the key to getting published is perseverance. It’s completely true. You just have to keep going, keep writing, keep submitting, and keep believing you can do it.


Okay, this month I have been exploring the complicated world of Marketing. What’s your favorite marketing strategy?

Ruth: Ooh, this is a tough one! I have to admit, marketing isn’t one of my strengths, but the Internet makes things very easy for people like me (reticent artistic types, that is!)

I love Facebook. It allows me to engage with readers without being too forceful about it. Communicating with readers over Facebook is so easy, and it’s the best way to let people know about a new book, or developments in the world of literature, or just to post memes about cats. It’s also a lot more personal than Twitter, and a lot more practical for an author than Instagram.


How do you relax after a long day?

Ruth: Three guesses! And if all three of them were reading, you’d be correct! No, seriously. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book after a long day. Usually with a cat on my lap. Often followed by a good Sci-Fi TV show or movie. Then back to the reading before bed because I can’t wait until tomorrow to find out what happens to this character or how that plot twist is going to work out in the end!

Thank you so much! I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know more about you and your book. 


More about The White Pavilion:

Tierra mejor: a world created by a Spanish clockmaker to house refugees from a dying Earth – or so the legend goes. Five hundred years have passed, and this world is slowly failing. Imre, young and extraordinarily beautiful, is a Dancer in the White Pavilion, a palace of exotic entertainments. But when she’s chosen to dance the most important dance of all, she stumbles.

In a world governed by the precision of clockwork, her accident is viewed as a bad omen. Imre has now attracted the attention of the Prince Regent, a young man fighting to escape his destiny, as well as his Chief Advisor, a talented mechanic and astronomer who knows the truth about their failing world… and the mysterious Brotherhood. Uprooted from everything she knows, Imre is drawn into a world of politics and intrigue, unwittingly finding herself torn between love and duty – and at the centre of a deadly plot against the citizens of their world.

Imre must prove herself to be more than just a dancer. For the legend of the Clockmaker is true, and the next stage in her plan is for the Children of Earth to return home.


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More about Ruth


Ruth Fox lives in Australia with her husband, her two crazy cats, and an ever-expanding library of books. In her spare time, she loves to cook and play computer games very badly.

Ruth completed a Bachelor of Arts/Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing in 2006. Amongst many other jobs, she has worked as an editor as well as an illustrator.