Author Interview!

Author Interview With Jennifer Conway

This week, we welcome Jennifer Conway, author of The True Love Series.


What is the best sentence you’ve ever written?

Jennifer: I think it depends on which book of mine that I’m reading, because they all have zingers that are my personal favorites. The one that comes to mind first is from No Greater Love, during the middle of a siege at the castle. Jasmine is telling her nieces and nephews about Noah and the Ark, and the promise of the rainbow. Jeran, her oldest nephew, interrupted her story with this.

“No more rain to drown evil people?” Jeran was disappointed. “Boo!”


Name one thing that you must always have to write (Something unique to your writing practice).

Jennifer: My writing style has changed a bit over the years, so this is a bit difficult to answer. I actually prefer to write in silence. No noveling music for me. I’m a drama nerd, and my favorite song will only get my brain excited about what we could do with that instead of what I should be writing. I’ve learned over the years to tune out background noise, but my preference is to write in silence and solitude. I know that’s not everyone, but that’s certainly me.


What’s your favorite under-appreciated novel?

Jennifer: I stumbled upon one of my now-favorite authors by accident. I pulled a book off the shelf, found it was a novel about the Civil War, and bought it. I didn’t know it was part of a trilogy. Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin is by far my favorite of the trilogy. It follows a Southern girl who believes that slavery is wrong. No matter how many times I read it, I find the book intriguing and hard to put down – though I know what happens.

If you could talk to any author alive or in Heaven, whom would you chat with?


Jennifer: I’d probably talk to C.S. Lewis and chat about the Narnia series, how he was inspired, when to stop the series, which characters he liked the most, etc.

More About Jennifer Conway

Bio: Jennifer Conway has wed her true love and resides in Greenville, NC. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Education. She is sharing her expertise in dance and drama with her local church, and supports her husband when he is invited to preach locally. She is a regular participant of NaNoWriMo, bringing stories to life within a month.Her debut novel, The Test of True Love, began as a NaNoWriMo project.


More About ‘Til Death Do Us Part

Isabel Mitchell, daughter of Princess Jasmine, has a comfortable, quiet life as a clergyman’s daughter. She is certain that she will meet her husband as her mother did — choosing among many for the one who will value her heart.

Tragedy strikes the Mitchell family, and Isabel is abducted. When her father finally finds her, Isabel’s future has already been sealed to a horrid man who will force her to marry him.

TILL DEATH DO US PART follows the Wynster Royal family through a new adventure that reminds them all of grace, forgiveness, redemption, and honor while illustrating that God can make all things new.



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