Book Review Friday!

Book Review Friday! Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery

Good morning my lovely readers! It’s been a chilly few months, and I’m ready to heat up with some love . . . how about you? This week, I am reviewing Healing Love by Jennifer Slattery.

When Brooke Endress is persuaded to accompany her younger sister to a trip to El Salvador, she worries it will not only end her up and coming career as a news anchor, but also could very well kill her if the plane crashes or they get malaria. All her worries are pushed to the side when she encounters a group of orphan girls. She knows the heartache of loss all too well. Brooke has a special connection with the girls, which blossoms into a newfound passion that does not coincide with her career plans.

The story is all about following God and listening for His call on your life. I actually have a lot in common with the main character Brooke. She had her life all planned out with her fancy degree and moving up the food chain in her broadcast journalism career, but then one mission trip changed the entire course of her life. I feel that way with my new career pathway. It’s scary and exciting all at once.

Jennifer brings the desperation seen in third world countries to life in her beautiful storytelling techniques. She brings about the beauty as well as the unsavory lifestyles in El Salvador. It felt like I was there.

Shoot, I was ready to jump on a plane to El Salvador in hopes of meeting my Ubaldo. That’s right folks, this heartwarming story also has a hunky hero that makes your heart pound. He’s a great book boyfriend.

Ubaldo Chavez is a teacher and translator. He came from poverty, but bettered himself through school—even at the expense of his family. When he accepts a job to translate for a mission team from the United States, he expects well-meaning tourists that will make empty promises and then never give another thought to the people they encounter. But one beautiful American defies his preconceived notions and threatens to steal his heart.

I loved this story! It made me smile and laugh. I wanted to cry at times. My heart hurt for Fatima and Dulce Din. Jennifer is a master storyteller. I cannot wait to read more of her books. I give Healing Love Five Stars!