Book Review Friday! A (Sorta) Southern Serenade by Krista Phillips


A (Sorta) Southern Serenade by Krista Phillips is a Contemporary Romance/Comedy Novella.


Kendra just moved to Nashville Tennessee, after the theater she was singing and acting at closed down. Still trying to find her way as a new Christian, she may not say or act born again all the time. (I personally struggle with this, and I’ve been born again for years.) So when she says something rude about the hot guy about to landscape her lawn and he overhears…sparks fly. Hey! No one ever said sparks had to be happy ones!


Josh owns the landscaping company, but when he hears Kendra degrading him to nothing more than a poor guy mowing lawns, he loses his composure. She’s a beautiful woman, but beauty on the outside doesn’t mean beauty on the inside. Letting his pride get the best of him, Josh let’s her have it.


But now, they must learn to work together after a mishap at church.


I loved the comedic relief throughout the story. Both characters were written well. I really liked that Josh made mistakes just like Kendra, but they were both at different stages of their faith.


I give it five stars!