Book Review Friday! Out of Circulation by Heather Day Gilbert

Book Review Friday! Out of Circulation by Heather Day Gilbert

Out of Circulation is a Romantic Suspense Novella by Heather Day Gilbert.

The story centers on librarian Katie McClure and face bodyguard Ace Calhoun. Let me start by saying I love that this book had heroine with a physical disability. I think there should be more books out there with strong main characters that overcome a disability and live a somewhat normal life.

Katie McClure dreamed about following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an FBI agent, but a foot injury early in life shut those dreams down. Now, she works in the same town she grew up in as a librarian. Bored with life and sure love would never find her, Katie’s lost her zest for living each day. That is until armed gunmen storm the library looking for her. Fortunately, the overly attractive Ace Calhoun stepped in to protect her.

Ace Calhoun is a man with the face of an angel and the charm to match. He’s perfect for the job of romancing one of the McClure sisters so he can find stolen mob money that is believed to be in their possession. But, when Ace finds out he’s not the only game in town looking for the stolen money, things get sticky. It doesn’t help that Katie’s fiery temper and gorgeous hair to match keeps charming him. Will he get the money and the girl, or will he lose them both?

I think this is a good story with some great potential. My main problem lies within the characters. For everything that’s happening to them, they don’t seem to be worried about dying. Katie’s gun-toting wild west attitude kind of turned me off. The other characters were also a bit clichéd. However, it kept me turning pages to see what happened next, so all-in-all, I would recommend this clean Romantic Suspense to those wanting a quick read.

I give it three stars!