Book Review Friday! Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle



Sinful Cinderella by Anita Valle is a Dark Fantasy Novella about the beloved Fairytale Princess, but with a dark twist.


Cinderella is not the same docile girl we all grew up believing her to be. She’s wicked, but puts on a sweet front to collect white magic. Magic that she uses to make herself more beautiful than all the other maidens of the land. She even used it to make her feet tiny. What she wants more than anything is revenge upon on her Stepmother and Stepsisters, and she believes marrying the Prince will be her ticket to that revenge. But also, she wants him to love her as her father had loved her. Will her fairytale ending come, or will be she end up in more misery than her current servitude?


I always enjoy my favorite fairytales told from a different prospective. Disney has brought back popularity for some of those fairytales by doing just that with movies like Maleficent. That being said, this story did have certain merit to it. Cinderella was made into the villain, but so were the prince, the stepmother, and the stepsisters. In fact, the only likeable character was Cinderella’s dead father. Although the author did try to give Cinderella reasons for her wickedness, I found it hard to relate to her and really back her up. I would have liked to see one character that had a redeemable quality.


It certainly held true to its identity as a dark fantasy. I enjoyed most parts of the book, and would be willing to read the second installment. If you do in fact enjoy dark reads that really twist your characters into evil villains, I recommend this book.



I give it four stars!