Book Review Friday! Taken by Sally Bradley


Book Review Friday! Taken by Sally Bradley

Taken is a Romantic Suspense Novella by Sally Bradley.

Cam Winters is in love with his best friend’s sister. Not only ten years her senior, Cam also has secrets he’s afraid to share with anyone. One slip of the tongue could put Jordan, himself, and his family in danger. Can he trust her?

Jordan’s been kicked in the teeth by love over and over again. Her on-again-off-again man, Matt, just wanted her around when it was convenient for him, but her brother’s best friend seems different. That is until he starts feeding her the same confusing lines that Matt did a few months back. Is Cam really different, or is Jordan destined to be alone?

For the most part I really enjoyed this novel. I loved Cam’s devotion to his family, and how his past was not stellar before her became a Christian. He even makes mistakes as a Christian, and so does Jordan. I love reading about real people struggling to find their way with God by their side. There were also quite a few twists and turns to keep the plot moving forward, but there were some plot issues that didn’t get resolved in my opinion. I still have unanswered questions, and that frustrates me as a reader. They aren’t huge problems, but they were enough to furrow my eyebrows when I read “The End.”

All together though, this was a very nice and clean read. I would recommend it to those of use who enjoy a little Suspense with our Romance.

I give it four stars!