Book Review Friday! Zara’s Folly by Clare Revel


Zara’s Folly is a sweet read by Clare Revell.

Zara’s Folly takes place in England, which is always fun to read. I can immediately hear the characters’ accents and picture their culture.

Zara Michaels used to be a famous equestrian, but a past mistake brought her quite literally off her high horse. Now she works for her father doing his less than honorable bidding. Her latest project is to get TJ Greggson to sign over his ranch, and she’s to use any means necessary. But when TJ turns out to be a decent guy, can she surpass her conscience and get him to sign?

TJ loves helping kids and horses. He was born and raised on that ranch, but his brother’s ambitions are threatening everything. With his brother ready to sale and TJ without the means to save his ranch, the future looks bleak, but then a gorgeous woman comes in and seems to want to help. Will he be able to forgive Zara’s indiscretions and save his ranch?

This was an amazing story. I loved the horses aspect and really felt for TJ. I think he was a bit too forgiving at times, but it all worked out in the end.

I give it five stars!