Building Your Email List

How to Build Your Email List

I have read so many marketing books for independent authors that I should be able to start my own marketing library. I have gleaned wonderful information from every author. Of course one gem that remained the same throughout all the books was this: You have to build an email list.

Ah…the dreaded email list we independent authors struggle with on a daily basis. For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s a master list of people who want to know when your next book is coming out. They give you their email so that you can send them promotions and keep them up-to-date on your writing life. In short, they are fans.

Of course having someone’s email does not mean they’ll buy your book, but there’s a good chance they will, which is why this master list is so important.

Now, I’m not one to subscribe to email lists. The handful of subscriptions I have is either with other writers or publishing companies that send me free and discounted books to review.

I will say this though; in order for me to subscribe to an email list, that person has to impress me with their content.

If it’s that hard for someone to get me to sign-up, imagine how much harder it is for me to get others o sign-up for my email list.

Have no fear, I have researched a few methods to build my email list, and because I love sharing information, I’m also giving them to you.


Top Five Ways To Build Your Email List


#1 Magnet Content

One way to get people on your email list is to offer them something for free. I’m not saying make gift baskets for everyone who signs up for your email list, but offer them something free that they get as a gift for signing up. This could be a short non-fiction book you’ve been working on like: 10 Tips For The Self-Editor. It can be a short story you’ve written. It can be a permanent free eBook of yours. Something to get them typing their email address in your subscription bar so that you can then let them know when your next book hits the shelves.

#2 The Giveaway

Another method is to run a giveaway. People subscribe to your list to enter their name in the drawing. Be advised, this method will only work if you advertise your giveaway and make whatever you’re giving away worth it to the people subscribing. Think about what would make you sign-up. Think outside the box of what people usually give away, and then let the world know what you’re doing.

#3 An Intriguing Website

This should probably be number one, but I assume you already have an author’s website with amazing content, and you’re just having trouble finding the right play to advertise. Just in case you haven’t done this yet, you have to have a landing sight for people to find you and sign-up for your email list. Don’t just have a website with your picture and no content. You need to be visible for people to want to find out more. Blog about your life or writing advice. Blog about you books and what you’re writing life looks like. Host fellow authors and help them get the word out on their books so that they can return the favor when it’s your turn.

#4 Add A Sign-Up Prompt At the End Of Your Book

You wrote an amazing story, and people are loving it, but they don’t know how to find you on your website. Include a sign-up prompt at the end of your eBook that they can click on to subscribe to your email list. Add it in your paperback book too. If they really enjoyed the book, they will look you up online.

#5 Facebook Ads

You can spend a few dollars and drive quite a bit of traffic to your awesome website. People see your must-have content and freebie, so they sign-up for your email list to find out more about you.

The bottom line is this: In order to sell more books, you need to have a steady stream of people willing to buy your books, which means you have to build your email list. How will anyone buy your book if they don’t know it exists?

Once you start building your email list, make sure to keep in contact with your readers by letting them know what’s going on in your life. You can do this with a Newsletter, promotional emails for other authors that your readers may like, etc. Don’t just get a huge list of emails and never contact them for more than spamming their inbox with links to buy your latest book. Think of what you would want from your favorite author, and then make that part of your contact with your email list.

Next week we’ll discuss Virtual and In-Person launch parties for your next release.


Happy Writing!