Extra Well Done German

Extra Well-Done German


My family love to make fun of the fact that I am white…like really white. We’re talking legs that glow in the dark white. My mom and brother are total Indians with their olive skin and ability to tan. Cherokee runs strong on my mom’s side. My dad’s side…not so much.

My brother takes after my mom’s side. He’s got the jet-black hair and dark skin. Pair that with is blue eyes, and we have a winner in the beauty contest.

Then there’s me. Dumpy with straight dishwater blonde hair and pale skin…all except my forearms. Apparently they take after my Cherokee heritage.

So the other weekend, I went to the water park with my mom and nephew. I put on the SPF 50 sunscreen because I know I’m glowy white and need the extra protection. It’s my first real time in the sun this summer, so I’m prepared to get a little toasty. Throughout the day, I reapplied sunscreen twice, and even tried to keep my skin covered when not in the water. I wore a hat for my delicate face that seems to burn just by feeling warmth from the sun.

On my way to my car, my shoulders sting a little from my bag. I assumed I got a little burnt from the sun. Again, white skin…first time in the sun all day. I figured a little burn was inevitable. By the time I put my seatbelt, my whole chest is stinging. Still, I don’t panic because I know my body.

When I arrive home and pull my shirt off, I see the bright blistering red of my shoulders and chest in the mirror. How the crap did that happen? My nephew is brown. My mom says she got a little red, but by the next day it would be a tan. Meanwhile, I’m fried. I put on my burn gel and try to find a comfortable position to sleep. Nope. Not happening.

By morning, I’m begging for some kind of relief.

I know, I should have seen this coming. I am a German in a world of Cherokees, but I really thought this year would be different. I had to wear a sports bra to work last week, and now I’m sitting in front of the computer peeling like some reptile shedding their skin. On the plus side, my face did not get burnt at all. Win for the Janie.

At least I got my first burn of the summer finished. I look forward to many more throughout the summer because I may be white, but I’m not living in the shadows!

How do you beat the summer burn?