How To Attract An Agent’s Attention

How to Attract an Agent’s Attention

Aside from sending a fantastic Query Letter, there are other ways you can attract an agent’s attention. I love the face-to-face meetings that you can get by attending a writer’s conference. To me, getting to talk to a person instead of a computer screen makes it easier to express my story to its full value.

Here are a few tips to help attract an Agent’s Attention at a Writing Conference.

  1. RESEARCH! You wouldn’t go to furniture store and request a menu, so why would you go to an agent that represents Devotional authors with your Romantic Suspense proposal? It may sound silly, but it happens a lot more than you’d think. I have a few agent friends on my Facebook that occasionally write a post about silly things a potential client has done. Remember, this is a business. You need to be professional. Research potential agents and look at their client list. Do they represent your Genre? Are they looking for a type of book that fits your manuscript? What publishing companies do their clients write for? The more research you put in before pitching to an agent, the better your result. You can impress them by your professionalism and being prepared.
  2. KNOW YOUR PLATFORM. Nowadays, being a great writer isn’t enough to sell books. The author will still have to have a platform in place. Agents and publishers want to know how many guaranteed sells they have for your book. Remember, it’s a business, which means it’s about the bottom line as well as producing a great book. I’m not saying you have to have 5,000 twitter followers and 1,000 hits on your blog per day, but you will need to have a platform that the agent and publisher can work with. Go ahead and start that blog you’ve been thinking about. Open that Twitter account. Get your face and name on Goodreads.
  3. YOUR BRAND. This goes along with your platform, but your brand is who you are and what you write. When people see your tagline (that short little phrase of what you write), they will know what to expect from your books. My newly created tagline: Finding light in the darkness—Edgy inspirational fiction.
  4. THE ONE SHEET. This is your guide for the agent after you’ve finished your appointment. They can look back over it and find your contact information if they want to request a proposal or full manuscript reading. During your pitch, please do not just read from your one sheet. The agent can read…it’s what they do for a living. Things to include: An eye capturing picture, the title of your book, a one-sentence synopsis, and a one paragraph synopsis, then your headshot and contact information.
  5. THE PITCH. This is where you express your love for your story as well as what your story is about. Condense it down to that one sentence, but be ready to answer questions and to talk about your book without hesitation. Don’t be nervous. Agents are people just like us. The want to get to know you as writer as well as your story.

So there you have it. These five tips are not guaranteed to get you a signed contract, but if you have all the ingredients of a great story as well as presenting yourself in a professional manner, you’ll definitely capture an agent’s attention while attending your writer’s conference.