If I Could Travel Anywhere In The World. . .

If I could Travel Anywhere In the World

Seeing all the beautiful places in the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram got me to thinking about where I would want to go if money was not an obstacle. I love going on cruises because you get to travel to multiple destinations while keeping your same room throughout the entire trip. I have visited gorgeous islands and immersed myself in rich cultures, but there are still places I have dreamed of visiting since I was a little girl.

If I could go anywhere in the world, I would visit Greece. I love the turquoise water that invites you take a dip, but also the richness of culture that seems to seep from every nook and cranny of that country. I want to visit the Acropolis and look over the city of Athens, shop for souvenirs in Monastiraki, eat delicious Greek food.

I can see myself laying out on one of the beaches and meeting a handsome Greek man that sweeps me off my feet with his lilting accent and broad shoulders. I feel the warmth from the sun on my fair skin and smile. (Okay, I’m getting into my fiction writing).

One day I will get to Greece, and if things go right, I won’t be back. Where would you travel to?