Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle Changes


You know, everyone goes through a change at the beginning of the year. They have all of these hopes and goals that they want to accomplish for the fresh New Year that’s just rolled into town. Everything is unblemished by life.

After a few weeks, all the bright shiny newness has been tarnished and shoved into a closet marked ‘open next year.’ I’m one of those lovely people. I’ll make a goal to lose weight and write more starting January 1st. I’ll keep it up for about a month, and then I revert back into my old habits of eating fast food and being lazy with my Netflix account. I’m just keeping it real.

Well, this summer we went on vacation to Dollywood, and planned to have a fantastic time, which for the most part we did. My nephew had never been to a theme park, and so he got to experience the same joy that my brother and I got to at his age. The only problem for my large family was fitting on the rides. How embarrassing it is to stand in line for a ride, and then the bar refuses to close. You then have to take the walk of shame back down the steps in front of all those other vacationers. This fear kept me from riding a bunch of the rides, but one of my other family members felt the sting on one of the roller coasters. It broke my heart to see them nearly in tears as they trudged back down the hill and joined us on the bench.

Not only the fear of having to do the walk of shame, the walking was something I totally am not used to. I was puffing more than the Magic Dragon.

After this vacation, I knew it was time for a change. Not just because of embarrassment, but also because of health issues that we need to nip in the bud. My mom and I decided to join a gym and start counting calories because that has worked for us in the past. But this time, we weren’t going to deprive ourselves of all the food we love; we were going to learn portion control and how to fill the really bad foods with healthier choices. We also made a pact to get to the gym at least four times a week.

Week1: We started counting calories. The goal was to stay under 2,000. We had about two days that we went over, but instead of giving up, we just tried harder the next day.

Week 2: We got to the gym four times that week and did at least 20 minutes on whatever machine we were working on that day (treadmill, stationary bike, swimming laps). We only went over our calories one day. We weighed at the end of this week. I was down 12lbs and Mom had lost 5lbs.

Week3: Mom was out of town, so it was on me to workout. I made it to the gym for times and consistently worked out for 30 minutes each day. I kept my calories under 2,000 the entire week.

Week4: We made it to the gym our four days and kept our calories under 2,000 for every meal. We even increased our speed on the treadmill. We weighed at the end of the week. Mom lost 8lbs and I lost 8lbs.

So, we have been consistently working on our new lifestyle for four weeks. I am down 20lbs and Mom is down 13lbs. It’s not easy. There are some days that I want a Coke more than I want to breathe, but then I remember why I’m making these changes. I want to feel better and be able to walk around Disney World next year. I want to ride every ride without fear of being turned away. I want to be healthy…not skinny. If you’re struggling to get motivated and change your lifestyle, you don’t have to wait until the New Year. You don’t have to wait for a brand new day. Start now…in the middle. Dedicate yourself to a plan and follow through. You can do this. I am doing this. I’m going strong and not willing to give up. You can too!