Fourth of July Fiasco


The scent of grilling hamburgers and hotdogs filled the air making my tummy rumble. Ah… the Fourth of July traditional meal. I love everything about the Fourth of July. Firecrackers popping, family togetherness, great food, and beautiful night fireworks that just make me appreciate all that God has given me.

But, nothing makes it Fourth of July in my house until someone has a firework mishap. This year, I had that honor.

Picture it: We were all enjoying the night fireworks while also avoiding the mosquitoes that plague Tennessee nights. Everyone took turns walking down the yard and firing off his or her night firework. Then, the darkness would explode into a burst of color and a loud boom.

My dad handed me one of the last fireworks, and I walked down to our makeshift firing station. In the blackness, I searched for the wick, and then I set the box on the table, but it didn’t look like it was upright. I turn it over and ask my mom if she thinks it’s right.

“I guess.” She shrugs and takes a step back.

Hoping that the firework is not upside down, I light the wick and take a few steps back.

The first green rocket shoots from the box, so I know it’s not upside down, but when it shoots straight out instead up of, I also know something has gone horribly wrong. The rocket zipped through the air and hits my brother’s car. Immediately people start screaming and dodging the flying rockets…THAT ARE SHOOTING RIGHT AT THEM.

Smoke blinds us, and I’m trying to find the table so I can kick the firework away from my family. Then, my brother appears as a green blast pings him in the leg. Then he’s gone.

He appears again and turns the firework right side up and then does a Matrix movie backbend as another blast shoots from the box.

I am happy to report that there were no injuries…other than a bruise on my brother’s leg, but needless to say I have been banned from shooting off any fireworks next year.

What did I learn? Always bring a flashlight to shoot of night fireworks.


Happy Fourth of July!