My 2018 Goals!

The greatest things about starting a new year are the feelings of a clean slate and fresh start. I wake up on New Year’s Day and smile because the world is at my fingertips. My energy has been renewed, and I feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to.

I know that I can start new at any point in the year, but it’s different on January 1st. One thing I love about starting fresh is making goals for myself.

Last year I had solid goals of getting closer to God, and for the most part, I kept on track with them. I stumbled a few days, but then I got back on track and kept going. I wanted to be healthier, and although I fell flat on my face, I did get back on track around August, and I finished stronger than I began.

This year, I want to set specific goals to really pinpoint the areas that I need to work on throughout the year.

  1. I will read six books to strengthen my relationship with God. I have a bookshelf dedicated to Christian Living, and it’s about time I started reading them. It also helps that Mom has decided to join me, so we’ll be reading the books together!
  2. I will lose at least fifty pounds this year. I really want to get my weight down. I ended strong, and I want to keep the momentum going. Things are getting looser, and I want them to continue that way!
  3. I will release two novels and one Christmas novella this year. That’s right folks; I plan to go completely Indie this year with my books. It’s an exciting decision, and I’m happy to embarking on this journey.
  4. I will read and review one writing craft book a month!
  5. I will begin my journey to get my MBA in marketing. I decided last year around Thanksgiving that I was going back to school. I actually start classes January 22nd. I’m totally excited about this, but I’m also really nervous because all my other degrees are in the creative arts.
  6. And here’s the big one. I will become a tow truck driver! I’m learning how to load and unload cars on a rollback so that I can learn the business as I take over as the Business Manager. Things are going to get exciting this year.

What are your goals for this fresh start? I’d love to hear them!