My Biggest Dream!

My Biggest Dream

Last week was a little depressing, and I will not spend my new start being depressed over circumstances that I cannot change, so I decided to get back on the happy track with a post about my Biggest Dream.

I have wanted to be a Princess, Marine Biologist, Journalist, Teacher, Professional Musician, Doctor, Veterinarian, and even an Astronaut. I’m sure there’s about a thousand other things I dreamt of becoming. That’s the beauty about dreams … there are no limits. Sure, it’s better to have realistic dreams, but lets think about how many things would not have been invented if someone hadn’t thought outside the box. Movies for instance. Someone had to have come up with the crazy idea of making moving pictures to entertain. The first moving pictures were invented in 1882. You know people had think that Eadweard Muybridge’s dream was a bit out of the ordinary. If he hadn’t experimented––and I’m sure he had failed attempts––we might not have movies now.

At the ripe old age of 34, my biggest dream is to have a career that I love. Today was my last day as a teacher. When I started out in that profession, I was young and bright eyed for teaching kids about music and life in general. I never took into account the administration problems, popularity issues, and sucking up to parents part of the job. Still, even after I found out the shortcomings of teaching, I stayed in it for 10 years. I gave it my best shot, but because of a lot issues with how the education world is ran, I cannot stay a teacher and still retain my joy.

Over the past 10 years, my passions have changed. I still love music, but writing and crafting have captured my heart. I live for creating stories, jewelry, and crafting projects. I want to start my own crafting business one day, and I’ve decided this year to go 100% Indie in my pursuit of publishing, so that required a career change. I’m now starting my second week of college where I’m completing an MBA in Marketing. I feel confident about this new dream, and I’m loving the journey to achieving it.

It’s never too late for your dreams to change, and it’s never too late to go after those dreams.

Dream big and dream often.