My Biggest Pet Peeve

My Biggest Pet Peeve


Okay, so let’s pretend you’re out with your best friend having a great time. You all are laughing, eating, and not caring about the problems in your life. But then…your best friend does the unthinkable. They break your number one Pet Peeve, and the day is all but ruined.

Oh, come on now. I know we all have our little list of things that annoy us. And at the top of that list is the thing that brings our blood pressure exploding out of the tops of our heads. Maybe you’re better at masking your discomfort. If you have a sibling and they find out what annoys you the most, you better believe they’re going to do it all the time.

For me, it’s mispronouncing words. My family has their own dialect, and it often differs from my own. It has nothing to do with education or intelligence. I was made fun of in school for my accent. When we lived in the North, they said I was too country, and when I lived in the South, they made fun of my words like pop and roof. I tired of the teasing, so I worked very hard on pronouncing my words the correct way. It also didn’t help that I had to have speech therapy for a lisp.

Anyways, it drives me up a wall when someone calls Zaxby’s ­­–– Zacabees, or the sink –– zink. My Mom loves to do this when we hang out, and she does it on purpose. But as the years have gone buy, I have learned to roll with the punches. I laugh and join in the fun on occasion. I still correct my family and friends, but it doesn’t get to me as much as it used to. Just because it’s my biggest pet peeve doesn’t mean it has to make me white-hot mad.

What about you? What’s your biggest Pet Peeve, and do you let it steal your joy, or did you learn to cope with it?