My Go To Meal

My Go To Meal


We all have one. That one meal you plan when you’re either tired of everything, or you have no idea what to cook that night. It’s usually something simple, and probably not that great for you. Or, it could be healthy if you didn’t add the unhealthy stuff with it. You know pizza, fast food, macaroni and cheese. Or maybe you’re making healthier choices and not eating out so much. You’ll still have a meal that comes up when nothing else floats into your mind.

My go to meal is soup and sandwiches. I always have a can of Campbell’s Chicken Fajita Soup (The chunky brand), bread, pepper jack and American cheese on hand, along with some butter. Sounds healthy right?

I always add spices and some whipping cream to thicken up the soup along with about a handful of shredded cheese. Then I make my pepper jack/American cheese grilled sandwiches. And you can’t have soup without crackers…lots and lots of crackers.

A little backstory on my soup meal, when I was younger I could not eat soup. It made me sick to my stomach and never stayed down, and I would crave soup when Momma made it because it smelled so good. One of the things I love about getting older is my taste buds changing. For me my taste buds went from hating soup, to loving it with a passion. That’s probably how my go to meal came about.

I will have my soup and sandwiches at least once a month even in the summer time. It comes in handy when I get off of work and really don’t feel like making a dinner.

Do you have a go to meal that is always handy in a pinch?