My Happy Planner

In November, I began thinking of how I wanted to keep track of my writing and plan my books. I wanted a functional planner that I could customize to fit my writing needs as well a personal goals. Last year I used a regular planner, and it was nice, but not really what I needed in terms of my writing. I wanted something that motivated me to create.

I searched Amazon, but all the author planners were expensive, and they didn’t exactly fit my needs. Some of them were wonderful, but I needed something else. I needed something that I could make unique to my personality and writing style. I already found a way of planning my stories that I adore, and I keep notebooks and use scrivener to keep up with my character bios and outlines, so I didn’t need a planner for that.

Then I decided to walk around Hobby Lobby and I found their Happy Planners. You use stickers to customize your planner to fit your needs. I instantly fell in love with the idea of decorating my planner and using the blank space to track my writing and schedule my stories and blogs as well as exercising and personal agenda’s.

I set up to-do lists in the middle section because I am a list lover. At the top, I use the inspirational stickers to motivate my writing. I also have stickers for meetings, important dates, reminders, and notes to make for myself.

I got into a Facebook group for Happy Planners, and they introduced me to Washi tape for decorating. I love the Washi. This along with joining a writing challenge group have really jumpstarted my writing this year. I encourage anyone who likes to customize planners to buy a Happy Planner.