Project Juggling

How Many Projects Do You Juggle?


As writers we tend to have ideas all the time. Most of them creep into our mind and blare while we’re trying to go to sleep, but that’s another blog post entirely. This one is about project juggling.

And you thought juggling was just for the circus!

I know most if not all of us have been in this situation: you’re working on a story (most likely the muddy middle) when out of nowhere, this brilliant idea takes your brain captive and you just have to get it down on paper, but even that won’t shut it up. Then you sit there struggling with finishing your current project or starting this shiny new idea that has you salivating at the mouth. What do you do?

This is where you become the circus juggler. At least I do. At the moment I have five projects in various stages and about a million and one ideas floating around my mind. Most writer’s work on two maybe three projects, while others juggle anywhere from three to eight. How does one do that? Here’s how I do it.

Project #1

This is my baby. I’ve been laboring over it for years. It’s the second book in my Women of Strength Series, so it’s just about ready to come out in the world. I’ve having a trusted writer friend going through it for final critiques, so I only have to moderately edit it weekly. Not nearly enough to keep my writing chops where I want them.

Project #2

This is my brand new Romantic Suspense series that has captured the hearts of many of my writing friends. I have a few beta readers lined up, but right now it’s going through its third edit with one of my trusted critique partners.

Project #3

This is the third Women of Strength Book, but I had to put it down after two drafts for personal reasons. I recently picked it back up, so it’s also going through third round edits with another critique partner.

Project #4

This is my pain in the behind project. I have the rough draft written, but after going to Blue Ridge, I realized I may have to rewrite most if not all of it to fit into the Romantic Suspense department. I’m working on re-outlining and a second first draft because the characters will not leave me along otherwise hehe.

Project #5

This is an idea form that I’m working on. I want to have it ready to write for NaNoWriMo in November. I’ve been researching the possibilities of ringing true. Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s not fantasy.

And then, I have new ideas soar in hourly that I write down for future projects, and I have a folder of half written stories that I started when I first got back into writing.

The reason I juggle my projects is simple…for me, too long spent on one project, and I end up hating it. If I want my stories to see the light of day and find themselves in reader’s hands, I have to work on them a little at a time. Otherwise, I get irritated and give up to move onto a fresh idea. That’s not a good habit for a writer.