Single Awareness Day!

Single Awareness Day

Another year has arrived, and another holiday to shine a light on the fact that I am still single with no romantic prospects.

That’s surely one way to think about it. Too often singles around the world feel this way on Valentine’s Day. They go to work and see a friend get roses and a pink teddy bear from their significant other, or they go to lunch and see all these couples acting more lovey-dovey than normal. Everywhere they turn, relationships are jammed down their throat on this particular day. Valentine’s Day can be tough for those of use burned by love, but it doesn’t have to be.

I have spent too many Valentine’s Days wallowing in self-pity. No more.

In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is about love. I am going to celebrate love by spending time with my Lord and Savior. I want Him to know just how much I care about Him and how he feels. I’m also going to celebrate the love I have for my family by cooking a nice meal and spending time catching up on their lives. I also plan on celebrating love for myself. I’m not perfect. Too many flaws to count, but there is only one me. I am unique, and I love that. I have special qualities that I love.

Don’t get stuck in the depression of not being in a romantic relationship on Valentine’s Day. Get out there and love yourself. Go get a facial or grab a group of singles and celebrate. Spend time with your family. Celebrate love!

I’d love to hear how you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day in the comments section!