The Benefits of an Ebook

There are many benefits to publishing an Ebook especially those of us that have decided to be our own publisher.

The actually publishing process is FREE. Unlike with Print On Demand, you do not have to pay for the copies you intend to sell. The only charges you incur our what you pay for editing, cover, and formatting, but that’s separate from the actual publishing. You have to have all of that done before you publish (but that’s another blog post).
It’s fast. Print books take time. You have to order a proof. Read the proof for mistakes. Fix mistakes and redo the process. Then when someone orders a book, they will have to wait about a week for shipping.
People are more willing to pay $3 or $4 on an unknown author’s EBook than $10 or $15 on a paperback. Until you make it big, paperbacks are best for family/friends, and if you have a table to sell books at a conference. Me personally: I will buy a $1.99 Ebook from a new author easier than I will order a hard copy from them.
You can add a link to your book on your website. You can even sell digital copies from your website. Customers like instant gratification.
You can reach more readers worldwide through Ebook sells. Someone in Australia bought my book.
You can fix mistakes or add new books to the back matter free of charge. You can update your Ebook as many times as you want and then publish it without any extra costs.

There are benefits to Print On Demand as well. We’ll discuss them next week. Happy writing!