The Joy of Going Direct

So I had no idea what going direct meant in the world of Self-Publishing. That is until I got Joanna Penn’s book Successful Self-Publishing: How to Self-Publish and Market Your Book. I suggest anyone getting into the self-publishing/indie publishing business get this gem of a guidebook. It’s been very helpful for me as I prepare a few more books for my published bookshelf.

What exactly is going direct?

Well, it sounds just like it is. You can go directly to each online platform and publish your Ebook with them. You can publish with Amazon, Kobo, Apple, B&N, and Sony. This will broaden your distribution from saying just publishing with Amazon.

Another way of going direct is to use an aggregator like Draft2Digital. An aggregator is like a book broker that serves as a middleman between you and the Ebook platforms. There may be fees involved, and you won’t have as much control over your pricing. But, if you don’t have the conversion software to publish on multiple platforms, the aggregator site does that for you. Also if you have to make changes to your Ebook, you only have to deal with the aggregator instead of updating each platform, which I’ve heard can be time-consuming.

Whether you choose to do it all yourself or use an aggregator. If you’re planning on making a living as a writer, and you want to broaden your reading audience, going direct is the best way to do that.