The Magic Art of Paperbacks Pt 2


Blurb is pretty cool because they have software that you can download to create your book (IT’S FREE) or you can just upload your PDF as with the other sites. With all the different choices, it can get a bit on the confusing side. It took me a few minutes to figure out the pricing.

You have options for paperbacks (softcovers) or hardbacks (hardcovers). Then you have a whole bunch of different paper choices. I know Createspace and Lulu had choices as well, but it seems like Blurb had the most so far.

With blurb, you set your profit. They have a base price (the amount they charge to create the book), and then you can add on however much profit you want.

For my book, it was going to be $5.03 base price (This is for the standard paperback). Let’s say I wanted to make $3.00 profit on every book. That would put the list price (Where they list the book for distribution) at $8.03. That is more royalties than Createspace and Lulu. It’s also cheaper to make with Blurb.

Blurb distributes to Amazon and Ingram Sparks as well as the Blurb site. They can also sell your EBooks to Apple iBook. Best part, they will sell to these channels without collecting royalties.

I will say that I didn’t see many appealing covers for fiction books on the website, but that could be because of the cover designers and not Blurb’s fault. I will definitely be checking out Blurb for my next writing project.

Lightning Source

After filling out all the data info for Lightning Source, they determined that I would not be able to use them, so they sent me to their sister site Ingram Sparks.

I don’t think you can go into Self-Publishing without hearing about Ingram Sparks. They are like the Staples for Self-Publishing. They have everything. They also have resources for everything you can imagine.

For my book, it was going to be $4.97 to print. Again, I set the royalty. If I list at $8.00, I will make $3.03 off each book sold.

They have so many distribution channels; I could not list them all. I would like to investigate Ingram Sparks further too, just to see the benefits of using them for my self-publishing needs. Look for more information on Ingram Sparks in the New Year!