The Story Behind The Story

The Story Behind A Wife’s Devotion

I was watching an episode of NCIS––the one where the dead soldier calls home. Gibbs and his team investigate and find that the soldier is really alive and needs their help. This got my mind running circles around the idea of what happened with that family once the soldier came back into the picture?

What would happen if a soldier’s widow remarried and moved on only to find out her soldier is still alive? I needed to come up with a plausible way for this to come about too. I mean the soldier is meticulous about identifying bodies and such, so there had to be a believable reason they would identify the wrong body. I figured a bomb that left nothing but carnage was the best way to make it happen. I also saw a movie once where the enemy went and stole soldier’s dog tags to make their identification impossible. This helped me come up with the idea of dog tags being scattered from the chaos of war.

Once I figured out the details, the story just started coming together. I loved seeing how my characters interacted with one another, and then they did a few things that surprised even me. I really enjoyed incorporating Ana and Damien from A Mother’s Love as the mentors for Izzy and Alex. It showed how far they’d come since their story. I wanted to create a story that showed the strength military wives have to have in order to survive all that’s thrown at them. Anyways, that’s the story of how I came up with A Wife’s Devotion. Look for it April 2018!