Where’s The Money? Conference Budget

Where’s The Money? Conference Budget




I am going to the Blue Ridge Mountain Writers Conference in May! I am so excited to be attending this year. It’s been four years since I was able to attend, and it feels great to be going back. I always feel energized and excited to get back to my own writing after spending a week with fellow writers and attending classes taught by great teachers. But, I have to tell you that going to a conference can be expensive. I’ve been saving for this one for a year, and I’m still working on the last bit of it.

When planning to go to conference, you have to take into consideration travel (especially if the conference is in another state), spending money (You knot there’s going to be books and other merchandise you want to buy while attending conference), money to get ready for the conference (You’ll have to buy something to prepare and most likely more than one thing), and of course the actual conference/accommodations fee.

The great thing about Blue Ridge is their conference is held at the Ridgecrest Conference center in North Caroline, so the conference registration includes hotel room, meal package, and the actual conference fee all in one. Other conference will usually include a few meals throughout their activities, but you’ll most likely plan on buying at least a few meals while away.

So how much does Blue Ridge Conference cost by itself?

Room Accommodations $70 a night (4 nights) $280 total

Meal Package $145

Conference Registration Fee $325

Total $750

That’s a hefty fee, but well worth the investment in your writing career. It’s actually much cheaper than another conference I try to attend every once in a while.


Spending Money

Books and Such $100

Conference Recordings $50

Misc. $50 (I always like to have a little extra in case something comes up)

Total $200


Travelling Expenses

I’m taking my own car, so Gas money $100

Food (It’s a six hour drive) $30

Total $130


Conference Preparation

This is basically an ongoing expense. I buy a little bit every week to get prepared, and this year’s a little different because I had to buy a whole new wardrobe since my job has me cleaning with bleach and destroyed all of my business casual clothes.

Total $500

So, I have a running budget of how much I am willing to spend to get ready, travel to, and attend the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference.

Grand Total $1,580

That’s quite an investment, but the knowledge and friendships gained through attending is priceless. Again, I have been saving for an entire year.

How do you put together your budget?