Who’s Got A Plan? Planning for Conference

Who’s Got a Plan? Planning for Conference


I am a planner. I make lists. I like to have all my ducks in a row. It’s a blessing and a curse. When it comes to my writing dreams, I want to be organized and ready to go, so of course I have created a conference notebook to take with me to Blue Ridge.

What do you put in a conference notebook?

This is different for everyone, but I have fallen in love the Happy Planner and all of their wonderful inserts that I decided to create my very one Conference Happy Planner, and don’t worry, I included pictures.

In the front, I have organized the faculty pictures and bios along with class descriptions and a master list of all the classes offered.

As you can see, I love color-coding and highlighters.

Next, I’ve divided each day by insert tabs, and I have converted the calendar layout into Happy Snaps (Words of Encouragement and places to put important events or words that have stuck with them for that day).

I also purchased the daily schedule inserts to give me an idea of what my days will look like, and you guessed it, I used highlighters again!

Finally, I added notebook paper and graph paper to take notes during classes, or write down story ideas as they come to mind.

I know someone out there is asking themselves about my One Sheet and appointment materials. Have no fear! I bought this handy little briefcase a few years back for another conference. It has pockets for my One Sheet and appointment materials. A place for my extra pens and highlighters, and it even has a tab in the back for another pack of notebook paper, because you can never enough pens, highlighters, or notebook paper!

All in all, I am very pleased with my individualized Happy Conference Planner, and I so cannot wait to go to conference in May!

What about you? Did you make a conference notebook? Do you want to make a conference notebook? I’d love to see you pictures.