WIP! Character Interview with Izzy Williams

Character Interview with Izzy William from¬†A Wife’s Devotion

Izzy, thank you for sitting down with me today for an interview. 

Izzy: You said it would be brief.

Izzy: Let’s get this done.

You’ve made a lot of changes this year. What changed?

Izzy: I put my life on hold after Alex’s death. I never thought I’d be happy again, and for five years that was true. But then Jack made me laugh. He helped me glue back the pieces of my heart.

How long has it been since Alex’s death?

Izzy: You can’t do math? I said five years of being miserable and this year has made all the difference. Six years. Can we move this along?

You said Jack made you laugh. Is that why you married him?

Izzy: I married him because I love him. He makes me happy. We have a beautiful house, and this weekend he’s taking me on a second honeymoon.

Do you think Alex would be happy you’ve moved on?

Izzy: I…I…It doesn’t matter because Alex is dead. He’s gone and never coming back. I have God to thank for that!

**See how the love triangle plays out! A Wife’s Devotion releases in April!!