WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday: Researching A Wife’s Devotion

When writing A Wife’s Devotion, I spent a good bit of time researching people with disabilities; specifically soldiers that get injuries resulting in the loss of limbs. I won’t get into my personal opinion on how the military treats their injured soldiers, but I will say that I believe all-too-often they are forgotten.

When trying to put myself in Alex’s position, I tried balancing on one leg. Not easy. I also put myself in a chair. Not being able to go and get things for myself or reach the top shelf was frustrating. I took that frustration and put into Alex’s feelings.

But, with disabilities also comes hope. Prosthetics have come so far in the past ten years alone. However, even with a prosthetic, there are emotional and physical challenges to overcome. Alex had to learn everything from scratch. I hope that I did soldiers with disabilities justice in my writing. Whenever I write a character, I want their reactions to be authentic. I want characters that my readers can relate to.

I found out valuable information while researching this story. I may even have another character with physical challenges in a future story!