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Online Places to Advertise Your Book



If someone were to ask my fellow author friends and me what is the hardest part about marketing, I believe we’d say getting our books into the hands of our readers.

If I see a book by a well-known author that looks intriguing, I’ll go to the amazon page and look at it. First, I’ll check the reviews to see what others are saying about this book, and then I’ll decide if I want to purchase it or not. If I see a book by someone I’ve never heard of, it’s the cover that I look at first. If the cover intrigues me, I’ll click on the amazon page and check the reviews and then decide if I’m buying or not.

I’m sure I’m not the only reader who finds some books this way, but what are some things that I as an unknown Indie Author can do in order to get my book into people’s hands?

We’ve gone over the importance of the cover in previous posts. Make sure it looks professional and eye-catching. We’ve gone over the importance of having people review your book before it’s released. So now we’re going to talk about advertising.

Businesses buy billboards all around town, pay for television or radio commercials, and place their companies in ads both online and in books, so why as authors do we not do this as well?

This week’s post will be about online advertising, and next week we’ll discuss other marketing plans that have authors leaving the comfort of their home to advertise their books.

In one of my writing groups, we discussed marketing methods we wanted to research for our upcoming books. We talked about how marketing is important for both traditional and indie authors, and then we brainstormed different strategies we each wanted to explore before our next meeting. One of the options I wanted to research was online advertising. I wanted to know the cost and value of buying advertising from an online book company. I have a list of over two hundred, but I’m only going to focus on four companies that I researched.

Now, because I write Christian Fiction, I explored Christian advertising sites. I may compile a list of secular sites later on because I feel that there’s a crossover happening even in today’s controversial times.


Fee $50

  • What that gets you: exposure on their Facebook and Twitter pages to 27,000+ followers.
  • Daily Deal Email to their 8400+ subscribers.
  • RSS Feed to 1550+ followers.
  • Available in their archives for 3 months.
  • A spot on their homepages on the day it’s listed
  • Available on their automated reload posts system for 3 months

Now, you must discount your book before you can advertise with this company. The cost seems like a good deal compared to larger companies that want you to pay upwards of $400 to advertise for one day. If your book is discounted for $0.99 you’ll need to sell at least 75 books to break even.


Fee ranges from $5 – $25 depending on what service you buy.

  • Will place your book on the sidebar of their high traffic website.
  • Will mention your ebook on their high traffic site.
  • Will introduce your new release to 35,000 fans.
  • Will spotlight your book on their Christian blog.
  • Will create buzz for your new release.
  • Will post your book as their bargain bonus for the day.
  • They also offer beta reading services.

This site has quite a few five star reviews. I read through a couple of the reviews and found nothing but positive remarks in regards to book sales on using this person.


Fee $25 or $50

  • Faithful promo is $25. Your book will be featured on our main site for a 24-hour period! That means your book will be included in our daily email and seen by thousands of Faithful Readers.
  • Double feature promo is $50. Your book featured on Faithful Reads and The eReader Cafefor a 24-hour period! That means your book will be included in both daily emails and seen by an additional 23,000+ Faithful Readers PLUS your book will be pinned to Pinterest (20,000+ followers) and posted on The eReader Cafe’s Facebook page (81,000+ followers)

I checked for reviews, but couldn’t find any. I also couldn’t find any complaints about this company, so it seems like it could be a good deal. You don’t have to have your book free to use them either, so again a plus.


Fee ranges from $20-$99

  • $20 gets you 7 days pinned to the CBR website.
  • $30 gets you 14 days pinned to the CBR website.
  • $50 gets you 28 days pinned to the CBR website.
  • $99 gets you 12 weeks pinned to the CBR website.
  • You must be a registered member to work with CBR. $10 registration fee.

This seems like a nice site with a good traffic through it, so it could be worth the money. I like that you get seven days exposure for $20. Seven days can render quite a few sales.

So you can advertise your book online without breaking the bank. Marketing your book is hard work. If it were easy, ever writer out there would be a millionaire by now. If you want to be one of the ones that succeed, you have to put your money into your book before you make money from it.

Next post, we’ll discus local events that you can schedule or search for so that you can get your books even more exposure.